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- TORAYCA ® T-1200 high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber - A new proprietary design super-light aerodynamic road frame 740g (small size) - Proprietary hexagonal tube-shape design, engineered with in-depth FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modeling, and actual model testing - Gramlight utilizes a new layup process that places each sheet of high modulus carbon fiber in direction and in areas to minimize weight and increase maximum stiffness - Top and down tubes shaped for optimum strength, stiffness and lightweight - Integrated headtube design increases aerodynamic efficiency, allowing a more stable riding platform - Monobox is Fourteen Cycles’ own vibration damping design, which enhances the rider’s ride quality, allowing every rider to ride further and for a longer period of time - Gramlight incorporates a one-piece carbon PF30 bottom bracket and oversize box chain stay with steep taper at dropout to maximize power transfer and strength - Smart full internal cable routing offers airflow enhancement and low maintenance - Full carbon Enve composite taper fork included with frame - Mechanical and Di2 compatible cable routing - Custom paint available

- Super lightweight alloy 7046 triple-butted tubing with smooth welding

- Custom tube profiles designed specifically for the forces and performance criteria of cross-country races

- Oversize box section chainstays for increased power transfer

- Asymmetric chainstays with rear disc brake caliper mounting for increased brake performance 

- Tapered steerer for increased stiffness and steering precision 

FOURTEEN CYCLE'S VERSUS BIKE FRAME : THE ULTIMATE FLIGHT   For riders who are seeking speed to win the race, look no further than the Versus bike frame to meet your needs. This new premium frame designed by Fourteen Cycles will have you flying on the roads as soon as you take off. Crafted out of high-grade composite carbon fibre – the exact same material used in Formula One cars – and with a super lightweight racing frame, the Versus is designed for the pro-cyclist, the keen weekend warrior, and anyone else seeking thrills in getting to top speed rapidly. “This bike frame is made to dash”, said Puck Ananta, Operations Director for Fourteen Cycles. “The material is top of the range and you can pick up speed very quickly.” Versus’ modern design and shape has been carefully crafted and extensively designed and measured to reduce it to the ‘minimal optimum’, leading to its unique aerodynamics and increased stiffness and flexibility perfect for sprints. Composed out of the most advanced material available, TeXtreme® 99% composite carbon fibre is stronger and more durable, yet also more flexible, due to its specific spread tow lay-up. Smaller ribbons of carbon fibre are laid out in a closer and denser pattern, leading to a simultaneously lighter yet more robust material capable of withstanding significant pressures and convulsions. “It’s a one-of-a-kind frame for power efficiency,” Puck says, “and it is the stuff of winners – people have won major tournaments on frames using TeXtreme® material. You’ll feel like you’re flying on this bike frame.” Included with the Versus bike frame are Chris King headsets and bottom bracket, with bearings made in the United States. Versus is Fourteen Cycle’s latest addition to their range of premium bike frames. Designed with high-grade quality materials and for high-achieving performance, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s more than enough to get you flying in races. PRODUCT

  - Material: Fourteen ultrahigh modulus + TeXtreme® carbon fiber  - Manufacturing process: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) lay-up  - Design: sloped road geometry - Tire size: 20-28mm - Cabling: full internal / mechanical and electrical compatible - Head tube: full carbon head tube - Bottom bracket: full carbon bottom bracket shell / press fit 30 (68mm x 46mm) - Fork: Fourteen TeXtreme® carbon road fork / tapered steerer / integrated crown race