What’s behind all this?

“Born in the Black Forest…“ can be taken literally by all means! But it won’t start with the birth. Naturally all begins with the procreation– fortunately also the procreation takes place in the famous halls of TUNE!

Let’s begin with our developers: Every single staff member is included because all of them are infected by the bike-virus: singlespeeders, trial bikers, downhillers, trail bikers, all-mountain-pilots, cross-country- and marathon-racers and road-racers – With this variety comes an unbeatable creative potential.

Two engineers put the best ideas to paper. And with the help of massive computer performance and even more brainpower the procedure goes on to the prototype construction on our CNC-machines…

…and at this point we talk about “Born in the Black Forest…“
What Materials are used?

Whipped cream, cherries, bicuit and Black Forest Kirsch are the ingredients of one of the most popular Black Forest specialties – our goodies consist of aluminium, steel, ceramic, carbon and finest titanium!
What is produced in our halls?

It would be an easier question to answer, what we DON’T produce… Admittedly, none of us can sow or knit T-Shirts, socks or wheel bags.

The complete hub or stem-assortment is milled by our CNC-machines. Titanium axles, carbon and aluminium parts are fused to make quick release skewers. The spokes on our wheels are set in place by hand with considerable precision and effort – and all this in whatever combination and variation of rims, spokes and hubs you could think of!
Wich manufacturing technologies are used?

Aluminium-products are milled on our CNC-machines. We have a barrel finishing machine on our hands, which looks like a washing machine and deburrs and polishs our aluminium-parts with help of some little ceramicparticles.

After anodising the parts are labeled on our own engraving laser.

Carbon fibre pieces such as our saddle „Komm-Vor“, are laminated by hand and baked in our very own carbon oven! (To avoid upcoming rumours, we will state clearly that not a single Black Forest cake has ever seen the inside of that very oven – that is best left to other specialists…)